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Challenges Community College Face with Chinese Students

Some challenges community college face with Chinese students


The first problem faced by community college when handling Chinese students is cheating. Although it is the responsibility of the students to understand academic concepts by heart, language barrier usually becomes a problem. In English classes, for example, they need to answer essays in English which is hard for them to do given that this is not their native language. However, they still need to pass the exams to be able to maintain GPAs.

Community colleges should therefore create an information system where they can identify the needs of their students when it comes to academic matters, and the needs of the educators and faculty members when it comes to handling issues of cheating. Additionally, tutoring programs should be easily accessible for the Chinese community, where there should be an on-going and comprehensive training program tailored to the needs of the students.

Dependence from family and isolation

Chinese students are known to be attached to their family as part of their rich culture and century-long traditions. Living abroad means they have to be independent in a challenging environment. Aside from this, they also experience cultural differences and language barrier, which is why community colleges should know what priorities they have to make for the Chinese student community.

Just like other international students, the Chinese need to face academic and personal challenges on their own. Unlike in their country where they can easily share their problems to parents, this time it is up to them to face various obstacles. At this point, the counseling services offered by community colleges need to their students can be very handy.

Academic difficulties

There are certain points where Asian students dominate science and math subjects since they have learned harder concepts back in their homeland. For instance, Chinese students are known for their problem-solving and other arithmetic skills. The basics of these subjects are already taught back in junior and senior high even before they came to the United States.

This is true for the first few months of a semester, but as the range of academic concepts change, Chinese students usually get pressured over time. Whenever the content of a subject reaches a more advanced level, students start to struggle. In addition, they should be able to comprehend all the explanations in English; language barrier becomes another problem.

Problems like this are usually handled by community colleges through academic advising where they can evaluate the level of comprehension and understanding of Chinese students. Thus, they can assess what areas need to be improved and what additional academic assistance are needed by their students. The advising program is usually evaluated on a timely and regular basis to maintain its effectiveness and quality.

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