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Valuable Guide for Chinese Students Entering Community Colleges

An Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange last 2011 found that the number of international students going to America to obtain a college degree has increased and is expected to rise over the next 5 to 10 years. However, living away from home can impact the experience of Chinese students studying abroad, let alone obtaining a quality accommodation and familiarizing oneself to a new place can be very stressful.

Chinese students occupy a large population of international students in the US and they experience far greater challenges to adapting with the American educational system. Aside from this, living in an unfamiliar place with a totally different culture and language can be very stressful for some. This paper will help give Chinese students some suggestions and ideas before they plan to enroll in US community college.

Determining long term goals

Most Chinese students go to community college in preparation for their four-year schooling. This is a wise idea considering that universities are more expensive and require more time and academic preparation. Therefore, students who want to get necessary preparation for a four-year institution should do some research first on the community college they want to attend. It should be accredited in terms of transferring students to well-known universities.

Other students just want to become certified in a certain field or obtain a two-year degree, so they enroll in community college. Still, it is best to check the status of the community college they plan to go to before enroll so they get quality education in exchange for their money.

English proficiency is a must

As we have mentioned above, language is a common barrier to effective communication between Chinese students and their American counterparts. It is important for these students to assess their level of English proficiency first before they enroll in a community college. Some community college offers proficiency programs for their international students, particularly if this population is high in their area. English proficiency exams are valuable tool to help Chinese students improve their comprehension and engage in a more fruitful communication with their professors and classmates.

Know the culture

Cultural and language difference act as barriers to successful integration of Chinese students into community colleges. Because China’s history and culture existed thousands of years as compared with that of the United States, they need to adapt with the international environment. They have different outlooks when it comes to study and they value learning seriously. Thus, getting achievement is very rewarding for Chinese students. Different parts of the US have various cultures and traditions, which means that it is best to get a sense of the culture where their chosen community college is located.

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