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What Chinese Students Need to Know Before Entering Community Colleges

The main reason why most international students choose community college is because of the cheaper offers in terms of tuition and other miscellaneous fees. However, there has been a surge in the number of Chinese students enrolling in US community colleges. The Los Angeles Times reported that from 2,500 Chinese students in 2007, the number has increased to more than 16, 200 in second quarter of 2015.

Many of them are searching for new opportunities abroad to escape the overcrowded and pressure of China’s competitive college entrance tests and studies. In the past only rich Chinese students would leave their hometown to study abroad, but now even children of middle-class and lower middle-class families would study abroad in the hopes of getting better education. It is therefore important for these students to know more on what to expect in US community college system particularly the services they offer.

Orientation programs

These three services are crucial not only for Chinese students, but for every international students as well. Orientation programs is one way for community colleges to welcome their foreign students. At this point, Chinese students must take down notes and highlight the critical discussions in the orientation to ensure that they understand how their chosen college provide quality education to foreign students like them. Finally, orientation programs also allow students to get a sense of the US culture and what they can expect from this new community.

Immigration and academic advising

Immigration advising is crucial for students studying abroad. Here, community colleges discuss the importance of the US immigration policies and laws, and what sanctions could be charged to Chinese students should they fail to comply. They need to look for a student advisor to guide them because this will help them avoid costly mistakes in the future.

Academic advising is necessary because this will guide Chinese students throughout their community college life. They need to help them achieve their long-term goals should they want to transfer to a credited four-year college or get an associate degree and start their career. Academic advising is one of the most widely utilized services in community colleges, but Chinese students should look for a credible academic advisor that understands their needs very well.

Remedial and tutoring programs

These two are a major advantage of community college. It enhances the literacy and numeracy skills of their students. But for Chinese students this also means a chance to get the right English grammar and literacy skills in preparation for the bigger and more competitive college life. Particularly, tutoring programs are necessary so they can focus more on subjects that they find difficult and work on these until they improve and excel in class.