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Chinese Students in American Universities

Are you a Chinese student majoring in Humanities and Sociology in a community college or top university in the United States? Are you staring in your computer now thinking of what to write on your academic papers?

You are not alone.


Chinese Students as the Biggest Groups of Foreign Students in American Colleges and Universities

Chinese students comprise one of the biggest groups of foreign students in US campuses. The Institute of International Education says that Chinese students account for almost 33% of all the 975,000 overseas pupils. 

One of the many reasons for the influx of Chinese students is the encouragement of the parents who consider it essential for their children to be educated in American universities, learn the English language and land high paying jobs in the future.  In essence, the parents plan that their children will serve as their retirement plans that will guarantee a bright future for their children and their grand children.  

For some, the initiative comes from the Chinese students themselves who want to run away from the very intensive exam known as the gaokao.  Others are interested simply because they want freedom from the restrictive controls of their parents.   

Regardless of the reasons for going to American universities, most of these Chinese students have a hard time adapting to the American educational system. Most of them feel that they are unprepared to deal with the complexity in the educational system.

Most of these students inside community colleges and universities have a difficult time communicating using the English language. As a result, they become silent. They don’t ask clarificatory questions in class out of fear. Some students who ask their professors are asked to repeat what they are saying just to understand their point which adds to their embarrassment.

Writing academic papers is much more difficult. Not being native English speakers, the vocabulary of Chinese students is relatively limited. This affects their ability to write their essays and research papers especially for Chinese students whose major is Humanities and Social Sciences.

Chinese students, however, are known for being hardworking. Eventually, they will learn the English language but it will take time. In the meantime, that they are learning the English language, what can they do to survive in the American educational system?


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Fortunately, there is a solution., a leading provider in academic essays and research papers, helps Chinese students write their essays and research papers from scratch.

With the help of professional essay writers, Chinese students do not have to worry about their limited vocabulary or their written and oral communication skills. Because of these experts, they now stand on equal footing with other students who are native English speakers.

They simply have to place an order at, include the details of the paper they want the writers to write, and everything will be prepared for them. The essays and research papers are guaranteed to be free from plagiarism and written from scratch by professional essay writers.

Chinese students in the United States can now stay competitive in class while improving their written and oral communication skills. With the help of experts, they can succeed in the United States.

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