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Flexibility is One Reason Why Students Choose Community College

It is a fact that community colleges cannot match up to the kind of education provided by their four-year counterparts. However, they still stand in the spotlight because of different factors like affordable tuition fees, availability of remedial classes, easy accessibility to local students and skills training and development. Another attractive option why students enroll in community colleges is the flexible scheduling options available for both part-time and full-time students.

What is flexible scheduling?

Flexible scheduling is an option available in community colleges where students can choose which and what kind of classes they want to attend to. Some community colleges offer online classes, weekend classes, morning or evening classes, while others offer one-day or two-day a week classes. This option is very ideal for those part-time students who have families or are working part-time jobs as well.

There are also students who did not do well during their high school and they need to take up remedial classes before they can start formal units in community colleges. Flexible scheduling allows them to enroll in accelerated classes, or sometimes called fast-track classes, with five-week, seven-week or ten-week remedial courses. Although this means more time and extra cost, this option is ideal for students who wanted to get back on track again after having a rough high school.

Flexible scheduling is also for adult learners

The highlight of flexible scheduling is focused on adult learners who return to school for additional certifications, classes or degrees. But most of them already have other commitments like families and careers. A survey conducted by the American Association of Community Colleges found that around 40% of community college enrollees are just part-time students who are also full-time employees and/or single parents. In other words, commitment to studies competes with other important responsibilities.

For community colleges, addressing the needs of their adult learners is a primary consideration especially when creating a flexible class schedule for an entire semester. The degrees, certifications and additional classes needed by adult students are some of the reasons why community colleges stand out from their four-year counterparts. This academic concept is sometimes called responsive scheduling, a kind of class offering that caters to the needs of busy students who are dedicated to learning through flexibility.

Community colleges adapt to the changing world

Speed and agility are two big factors considered by community colleges when creating an educational model. They have always been constant providers and advocates of lifelong learning. They do not only caters to the needs of full time students, but also to part-time students and their changing environment. It is a concept that is demanded by the current economic situation and flexible and responsible scheduling allow faculty members and staff to acclimatize to such changes, while still providing quality learning and teaching options to match their students’ preferences.

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