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How Chinese Students Can Survive American Education

Studying abroad can be extremely difficult. Having to live away from our loved ones at a young age leaves us in melancholy. For Chinese students who are non-native English speakers, socializing with American classmates and communicating with the professors can be terribly hard.

How, then, do we overcome the possible challenges that we will be facing as international students? How do we make the most of our stay in America without ever compromising our academic standing?

Combat Culture Shock

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges that Chinese international students will face is having to deal with a new culture. Hence, to help you adjust and minimize culture shock, you should make an effort to research about the American culture before you leave your homeland. You may also want to attend orientation sessions to help you be acquainted with America’s environment.

Know your Priorities

You are getting an American education because you want to learn. You want to become globally competitive, career ready, and get a high-paying job. Thus, in order to survive your university years, you have to focus on your studies.

Do not allow your language issues to hamper your learning. Nor should you let it stop you from asking questions and from participating in class. Instead, work on your English speaking and writing skills and see yourself transform from the once reticent student to an academically active one.

To help you cope up with the academic standards of the US, avail of on- and off-campus tutorial services. Also, do not be shy to approach your classmates or your professors. Americans are known to be generally friendly, and they always welcome foreign students warmly.


Academic life should be your number one priority. However, to ultimately get the most of your stay in the US, you have to immerse yourself in their culture and see their beautiful places. Invite your new friends and visit the state’s tourist spots.

Also, get involved with student groups—sports team if you are a sports enthusiast, the debate team, civic organizations, and what have you. Joining student organizations is one good way of making new friends and attending campus events, participating in traditional activities, and finding new opportunities. Get involved with one or two to put excitement in your US college life.

Also, make new friends in class. As much as you can, do not sit beside fellow Chinese students. Sit beside a classmate who is from another country and engage in a friendly conversation before class begins. Get to know more about your foreign classmates and you might just find a common interest. This is also one way for you to meet interesting people and to get to know more about the diversity of the culture of different countries.

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