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International Student Taking Speech Class Succeeds in Community College

Stacey C. (2011). Stacey was taking Speech 125 class (Critical Thinking Through Argumentation and Debate). When she placed an order her specific instruction was "I want you to write a persuasive article against abortion and its accompanying health risks to women. The essay should present at least 4 concrete arguments against abortion which shall be concise and direct to the point. I hope you can give a good argumentative essay because I need to get an A in this class, this is my only hope to maintain my QPA”. A month after we wrote the article for her, we received a flattering message from her:

Hi Smartessaywriters! Thanks a lot for helping me this semester. Got an A in Speech 125 because of your essay. Because of that, I met the QPA required for my course. I could not have done it without your help so thank you and more power”

Stacey is a international student studying in a local community college in California. Since English is not her mother tongue, speaking and writing English is not her forte. Despite this predicament, she needs not only to pass her English classes but to pass the same with flying colors. In reality, Stacey is just one among the many foreign students taking speech classes who decided to ask for professional help from essay writing companies and succeeded in getting the grade that they needed.

Foreign students in California find difficulty in obtaining even a B in their English classes because they are still in the process of learning the English language. But through the help of essay writing companies their student life and their study of English become easier.

In Stacey’s email to us, she said that she was trying to finish the essay against abortion for almost a week but could not get the proper words and ideas due to her lack of knowledge in the English language. She was so nervous then as she has not started the 10-page paper 24 hours before the deadline. Good thing that her upperclassman friend from the chorale referred her to, an Illinois- based company providing a well written research paper, articles and essays to high school and college students and even to those who are already taking their masters degree. Although hesitant at first, Stacey placed an order with a hope that she was doing the right thing. After a month, she thanked us for helping her to achieve here needed grade, something that she thought was impossible!

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