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Martha Smith ( 2011) Martha is a mother of a 21 years old who is currently on her last year in college. She ordered a 5-page essay from smartessaywriters on the advantages and disadvantages of co-educational institution. In her email, Martha requested that the essay be assigned to the best writer since her daughter needs to get an A for this essay in order to pass English 127 ( Research and Creative Writing). According to her, her daughter was in a great danger of getting a failing mark in the said subject and getting an A for this essay would be her last hope.

As requested we assigned the paper to our best writer and we made sure that the writer would follow the instructions given to us by Martha. Our editor likewise made sure that the grammar and presentation of thoughts and arguments are coherent and well written. More than a month after we submitted the paper to Martha, we received an email from her thanking our company for delivering an excellent essay. She said in her email:

Hi Smartessaywriters! Thanks for your beautiful essay. My daughter got an A which made her pass the subject. We are very happy. Since she passed it, there are better chances for her to graduate this year. Thanks a lot!

Martha is just one of several parents who has sent thank you letter to us for helping her child pass her subject through a well written paper from Smartessaywriters. In our company, we believe that each essay we write will shape the future of each student, hence, we make sure that each essay will be sensible, excellent and capable of obtaining a grade of A. We are committed to deliver academic essays that will certainly help students to secure the grade that they want or the grade that they need in order to pass their subject.

As part of our social and academic responsibility, we ensure that each essay is well researched so that by mere reading the paper, the student will be able to learn the essential knowledge that they need to know. Our essay does not only help students in getting good grades but it will likewise enrich their academic knowledge, something that may not be obtained from other essay writing companies. We make the student life more enjoyable without sacrificing the academic aspect and learning process that each student should undergo.

By ordering an essay from us, students will no longer spend too much time organizing their thoughts, researching for the right materials and writing a two page paper for 2 days! As a result, they will be able to spend their time doing other activities that will lead to a balanced life but at the same time, their quest for academic excellence will not be prejudiced for we ensure that they will learn something from the essay that we deliver.

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