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Poor Chinese Students in American Universities

There is a common perception that the Chinese students in American universities are all rich. These students drive around time with their Benzes and Bentleys wearing designer clothes and carrying designer bags. They don’t care about the amount of money they spend because after all their parents pay for their ever single penny they spend in the United States.

A close scrutiny, however, will reveal that not every Chinese student in American university is rich. In fact, there is a significant number of Chinese students coming from lower middle class families. These students come from families working in corporations relying solely on their wages. For these parents, they gave almost the entire family savings for the education of their children.

Education Capital

The perception among Chinese families is that an American education will guarantee the success for their children. For the low-income Chinese families, an American education will help give opportunities to their children that were not available to the parents. It will not only give them the ability to learn the English language but it will also expose them to a different culture which is highly valued in different corporations in China and the United States..

Elite Status

Studying in an American university is a privilege in China. Not everybody can afford to send their children to an American university. For these students who are fortunate enough, they are a class above the other students who were not exposed to the American culture. This assures them of upward social mobility which is highly valued in Chinese culture.

High Paying Jobs

Parents send their children to American universe because they consider it as an investment. They expect that upon graduation their children will be accepted in high paying jobs. Their children can either work in the United States and settle down or go back to their home country and accept high paying jobs. Either way, the future is considered good for the American educated Chinese student.

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