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Top Reasons International Students Choose Community College

Traditionally, four-year universities carried more hope and prestige for students seeking professional preparation. But because of increasing costs of student loans and university tuition, community colleges have expanded their fields and improve their educational services. This only shows that the field of post-secondary education is not changing from the traditional university education to the more flexible community colleges.

To date, enrollment at community colleges is increasing at various states, while its four-year institution counterparts have experienced enrollment drop. We cannot discount the fact that four-year education is still necessary, but the preparation and training given by community colleges are promising both for the students and the different economic sectors waiting for new workforce population. Let us now take a look at the reasons why students choose community colleges.

Miscellaneous and tuition fees are affordable

Regardless of what institution you attend – whether a community college or private/public university – the first and second years will always be composed of the same set of units and classes. For instance, freshmen and sophomore students will mainly take up a biology class, math 101 or English 101 class. These classes are the same at every university or college, but the difference lies in the fees you have to pay. Therefore, it is wise to choose community colleges where tuition fees are low than most private universities. So, assuming you need to complete 60 units of required subjects for two years, you can get the same education at a lower rate if you enroll in a community college.

Improving track record

When enrolling for post-secondary education, most people will suggest that students should apply for scholarship programs to help offset tuition costs. This idea is great, but only applies to students who have excelled during their high school years. For those who performed poorly, however, it will be hard to apply for scholarship grants in universities. Thus, achieving an exemplary track record in community college can help students apply for scholarships should they decide to pursue for another 2 years in their chosen universities.

Community colleges are more accessible

Aside tuition and miscellaneous fees, there are other costs to consider when attending college such as cost of living, daily food expenses, and payment for a dorm or apartment. For instance, if you choose to move to another state because your desired university is located there, you have to prepare for these expenses on top of your college fees. Community colleges are more accessible because you can always find one that is near to you. You can simply cut down your living expenses and use the money you can save for other miscellaneous costs you have to pay in school.

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