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Smart Essay Writers Saves a Working Student From Repeating The Same Course

Bradley Summer (2011) Bradley is a working student who is now 2nd year collage in a local school in Oklahoma. Because of the demands of his work, his studies are usually being sacrificed. According to him, he cannot afford to stop working since there is no one to support him but himself. Bradley placed an order at Smartessaywriters for the first time way back on spring of 2011 and since then, he has been a valued client of our company. Because of his appreciation on the grades that he has obtained from the essays that we delivered , we come to know him on personal basis. If his schedule permits, he personally writes and accomplishes his essays and papers. He usually seeks our assistance if there is an urgent need to submit it and he does not have enough time to the research work and write the essay.

We have received heartfelt thanks from Bradley when he ordered an Essay on Social Psychology Theories for his Psychology 127 class. In his email, Bradley instructed us to deliver a 3 page article on social psychology theories and the example of each. According to him, he had no time to finish the paper as was at the point of being fired from work due to several tardiness and absences which according to him were due to some school activities and exams. Bradley specifically said in his email: "Guys, hope you can help me with this. I really need to get a passing grade for this essay because I exceeded the number of absences required for this subject. I pleaded to my teacher for me not to drop from this subject and she gave me a second chance by giving this essay. According to her, I can still continue to attend her class only if she will be satisfied with my performance for this essay. So please help me. I need this paper in 12 hours, after 12 hours I am definitely doomed!

Despite the short period given to us which is 12 hours from the time Bradley placed an order, we have assigned the task to the best researcher and thereafter assigned the same to our best writer. Our commitment to Bradley did not end there, when the writer submitted it after 10 hours , then we assigned it to our best editor before we forwarded the paper to Bradley 12 hours after placing an order. Two days after Smartessaywriters submitted the paper, Bradley sent this email to us:

Hi Smartessaywriters, you rock guys! My teacher told me that it was a good paper so she gave me a second chance. Thanks a lot! This means so much to me since I cannot afford right now to take the class again!

Bradley is just one of many students whose school related problems have been solved due to our effort and commitment in delivering a well written essay on time and as he needed it. In Smartessaywriters, we tried our best to save each student from failing or flunking his subject.

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