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Community College and Job Readiness

Providing students with job skills they need is a global challenge along with several economic factors, such as increasing education costs and low rates of students passing college competency exams. Becoming employed is a multi-factorial process that takes into account different elements including searching for job leads, finding career opportunities that best fits ones talent and skills, utilizing employment resources, developing communication skills, as well as negotiating for the best job offer.

All of these elements are part of the job readiness that students should consider before getting into the challenging world of employment. Students should know that being unprepared once they graduate is very daunting and stressful. One reason why community colleges are popular is because they prepare students through various school to work programs like internships and on the job training.

The value of job preparation

Education provided in community colleges can help students increase their career opportunities. But this is not everything that students need because attending classes and getting a degree is just the first step towards landing a job. Community college students also prepare themselves for work through experience based on their field of expertise and interest. This will eventually help boost their likelihood of becoming employed after graduating from a 2-year course.

Aside from academic record and performance, employers also value the kind of work experience students have built throughout their internship years. A clean track record is necessary, but this is just one of the factors that help students meet their long-term goals. They need to build their personality and a positive attitude towards their chosen career and this can only be achieved if they are job-ready once they step out of college.

The value of job preparation is what community colleges teach to their students and this is where they excel in all aspects. The communication and relationship being built by the students with different companies are essential tools that enhance their job readiness – the gap between students and employers is bridged by community colleges. Community colleges can recommend their students once they graduate, which means that this is easier for employers to add valuable manpower to their workforce.

Another important value of job preparation is that it does not only develop the growth of students in terms of having experience and choosing the field they are most likely fit in. Students will have ample time to test the waters first before they finally get the job they really want. This also allows the company to evaluate their prospective employees in the future, while making sure that they still keep in touch with the community college and its students for future employment needs. Of course, once employers know the background of their interns, they are most likely to get hired than other aspiring applicants.

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