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Difference beween Community Colleges and Four Year Universities

Community colleges are not key competitors to four year universities, but more students are now enrolling at their local community college instead of going straight to four year schools. There are several reasons for this including affordability and accessibility. It is important for parents and students to weigh in their options when choosing between community colleges and traditional four year institutions.

Although four year universities bring about practical preparation and more prestige to any academic profession, their two-year counterparts have become more popular in the years. One reason is because university tuition fees continue to increase exponentially while community colleges expand their quality services to different fields and expertise. However, there are plenty more differences between community colleges and four-year universities that students weigh in when making academic decisions.

Comparison between two-year and four-year colleges

The education model

Four-year schools get more media attention than community colleges, but more students still enroll at community colleges because it is cheaper, highly vocational and more accessible. The technical skills development offered on community colleges prepare students ready for work after two years with little or no student debt at all. The two-year exposure also serves as a launching point for a bachelor’s degree.

In comparison, four-year colleges mean parents should make a long-term investment including time and money. They will basically reap more benefits in their lives, but they need think about certain factors like sufficient finances, student loan rates, cost of living expenses and many more. On a more positive note, four-year colleges offer off- and on- campus learning that benefit many students.

The students

Students who go to two-year institutions are offered technical and vocational courses, which they can use to jumpstart their professional careers. Those with tarnished high school records can also use this as a stepping stone to correct their track record before they enter four-year schooling. Other students plan on making savings first because of the cheap fees before finally transferring to the more formal yet expensive university courses.

On the other hand, students who enroll at four-year universities want to have a well-rounded and flexible education. The advantage here is that four-year colleges offer a wide spectrum of bachelor’s degrees, and even master’s and doctorate level education. It is important for students to choose wisely which degree they want to enroll in for future professional growth.

Other important learning offers

The main offering in community colleges are in-class learning. But aside from this, students can take on on-the-job learning experiences, internships and apprenticeships within their chosen communities. The importance of this is that students gain connections in various industries and sectors where they can possibly land a job after graduation.

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