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Common Considerations Before Choosing Community Colleges

Most high school graduates and back-to-school adult students are faced with the question – what considerations should they make before entering a community college? This decision is important to make because their academic success depends on the kind of community college they choose for the next two years or more.

Community college accreditation

It is important for students to do some simple background research first of the community college they want to be part of. Earning a degree and contributing to the job sector is very important, but in order to do this, students should make sure that the community college they choose is accredited. Accreditation is a complex process that community colleges go through to be said that the quality of education they offer is up to par with the local, state and national standards.

Students should take extra time to check out the college’s website, review their academic catalogs, or even speak with regional accreditation agencies to learn more about their chosen community college. It will also be beneficial if they try to visit local employers who accept internships from a community college to get more feedback on the kind of technical and developmental skills being offered by the school.

One-year or two-year degrees

Students from low- and middle-income families consider community college because they have the option to enter a field they feel they will excel in. They have the chance to enter the employment status after completing a one-year or two-year degree/course. This option is a primary consideration students make especially if they do not have the necessary resources to finish a four-year degree.

More importantly, community colleges work hand-in-hand with employers in their area to ensure that their present students and future graduates will secure employment afterwards. Thus, students need to think first if they need to obtaining a one-year or two-year degree and secure a job or complete a four-year degree and land a more stable job in the future.

Accessibility of the institution

Location of the community college is another important factor that students consider. Since most of the students who enroll at a community college have families or are working, the accessibility of the school is a top factor. Meanwhile, for those who are studying full-time, checking out if the school is easily accessible from their place means a lot of savings in the long run.

Students need to remember that they will be attending college for the next couple of years, so they need to see to it that they are comfortable with the place they will be living in. Even if students do not need to rent an apartment or dorm, accessibility of the school from their home is very important because this lessens their travel time and cut costs on travel expenses.

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