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Inspiring Story of a Refugee who Overcome Barriers and Succeeded

There may have been times in our lives when we felt that we could no longer carry on with our dreams. We may have thought that our dreams are not all worth the effort, and we were tempted to just give up entirely on the idea of success.

It may give us temporary pleasure if we put down whatever it is that we have started and leave everything behind. But we have to keep in mind that running away may not necessarily pose positive results, and when we keep doing that we might develop the tendency to keep on escaping from challenges.

What we need to do, instead, is to face these challenges, for they are there to make us stronger and for us to learn more about life. The same is true in college life. College education can be difficult and daunting experience especially for individuals born and raised from a foreign country.

Take for instance Pwint Htun’s life story. Pwint Htun was a refugee from Myanmar who did not get a formal education before she was brought to the United States. Pwint was brought up by her single mother in a rural area where there were not enough schools, and so she was left to learn on her own using old textbooks.

When Pwint Htun was brought to the United States by a Seattle couple who worked in the refugee camp, Pwint knew very little English. But this, and having to deal with the loneliness of having to study in a foreign school (away from her family) at a young age, did not stop Pwint from achieving her dreams.

Despite the challenging situation that she was in, Pwint was able to complete her bachelor’s degree and pursued a career in telecommunications. In fact, she helped develop the Android phone and was part of the team that installed the first app on a smartphone. Now, Pwint works as consultant and adviser to government agencies and non-profit organizations, helping these agencies use technology to serve the marginalized people.

Pwint’s story is truly an inspiring example of how we can be who want to be, regardless of the barriers that stand in our way. As long as we set our eyes on the goal, we will emerge the strong and successful individuals that we wish to become.


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Success does not come easy. To become successful in life, we would have to hurdle so many challenges and endure a life of pressure. But when we are able to rise above all these, we will come out as stronger individuals, and we will be amazed at how much we’ve grown—not physically, but in the emotional sense of the word.

So, the next time that we face a major challenge in life, just think about Pwint Htun’s story and how she was able to succeed despite difficulties. She was able to do it, and so can we. She started from a community college and succeeded. You too can succeeded. Success in community college is possible.

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