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Argumentative Essay on the Importance of the Internet

0 August 11 2014, 15:09 in Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Essay on the Importance of the Internet

Now more than ever, the Internet has played an important role in our modern day society. From sending an email to connecting with friends, the World Wide Web, has without a doubt, afforded us with countless benefits. In fact, almost every aspect of modern lives now greatly benefits from this technology. Some of the industries where the Internet manifests its importance include education, business, and media among many others.

Education is an aspect in our society that heavily relies on the Internet. Almost every schools and universities today integrate information technology in the education process as it is now regarded as an essential skill that students must acquire. More than this, the Internet has given the education a number of benefits. For one, the World Wide Web provides both students and teachers unlimited access to vast educational resources. Students for example, can use the Internet to research a lesson or a project. Alternately, educators can use the Internet to expand their lessons and look for creative ways to make it more interesting and appealing to their young students. But aside from teachers and students, the educational system as a whole a benefitted from the technology brought about by the Internet. More particularly, it allowed students to take courses overseas. Prestigious universities such as Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and Berkley now offer online courses in which students can enroll in regardless of their location (Brynjolfsson, et. al 34).

Aside from education, the world of business has also benefitted from the Internet. Scholars suggest that almost all businesses and organizations today utilize the Internet to increase their company’s productivity (Hammer, 25). According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis "an information-communications-technology producing industry experienced an increase in revenue by 16.3 percent and has contributed about 5 percent to the total US gross domestic product. Alternately, a research conducted by McKinsey Global Institute showed that Internet-related activities in 2010 resulted to a 3.8 percent increase to the US GDP. These substantial figures only reflect the direct economic advantage of the IT sector not only in individual businesses but the economy in general (National Research Council 1). This indicates that businesses and the economy has a whole has been developed by the advent of the Internet.

Media is another industry improved by the Internet. For many years, media has been limited to television, radio, print, and film. What the Internet did was it merged all four avenues into one easily accessible and efficient tool. Today, audience can now access information and even entertain themselves by simply connecting to the World Wide Web. Alternately, information can be transferred in no time via the Internet. This allows the audience to receive up-to-date news every hour by the hour.

While the Internet has provided various industries numerous benefits, perhaps humans themselves have directly experienced the importance and power of the Internet. For example, the Internet through social media sites has allowed humans to communicate regardless of where they are in the world. Apps and sites such as Facebook, Viber, I-Message, and Twitter have enabled people to directly communicate and connect with others without even worrying about time and space. Alternately, blog sites and apps such as Instagram have allowed people to express themselves and share their lives to everyone.

Needless to say, the Internet plays an ever important role in the lives and everyday functioning of our modern society. Its benefits are countless as it allowed us humans to access information, communicate, conduct business, and connect without hassle and constraints.


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