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Environmental Influences on Development

0 January 19 2018, 15:13 in Informative Essay

Environmental Influences on Development

I was raised in a small town in New York by my mother and father. They have been showing me and my younger brother consistent love and care as we were growing up. They are really good to me and my brother. They give us all the things that we need and they try to give us what we want in moderation. They are really kind and good hearted and they raised me and my brother with affection and love, but they also teach us valuable lessons by being strict but reasonable. They are good-natured and they have a positive loving relationship with each other, which resonates in our whole household. They are also active members of the community, and they try to give back to charity as much as they could. They are both ethical, honest and hardworking.

When my father’s business required him to move to Sugar Land, our entire family had to leave the home we grew up in, our school and our childhood friends to move to Texas. am currently a senior in Clements High School. At the beginning, I was not sure if I could fit in my new neighborhood, but right now, I appreciate the community I live in and the school I go to. I have spent the rest of my childhood and early adolescence here in Sugar Land. Our home here is pretty much the same as before we moved. Our family dynamics did not change, my parents continued to become the wise and caring guardians who guide me and my brother to become the best possible versions of ourselves. Our home is filled with love and acceptance, despite the occasional and normal misunderstandings, however, at the end of the day, we still look out for each other as what families are supposed to do.

I was born a Muslim and raised as a Muslim. My family and I are religious and we try to adhere to the teachings and practices of Islam, even though it could be very difficult sometimes since we live in a non-Muslim country. However, the neighborhood where we live in is very friendly. Everyone is very accepting and they do not judge us for our religion, the color of our skin or the clothes we wear. The community is very diverse and filled with people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

It was suggested that family influence and culture have major roles in shaping a child and adolescent in adulthood. I think my home and my family are the biggest influences in my life which shaped me to who I am today. My parents, specifically have raised me and cared for me since I was an infant. They gave me everything I ever needed like a roof over my head, a decent education, they feed me, they clothe me and give me unconditional love and support. They may be strict at times, but I understand that it is necessary in order for me and my brother to develop character and be stronger individuals when we become adults. My parents taught me that I could be whatever I want to be, as long as I respect myself and other people around me. Parents and religion are the sources values of children. They taught me how to be forgiving of other people who knows less than I do. I grew up having a high self-esteem and confident about my future, and I grew up with good-nature because my parents set an excellent example for us. My parents shaped me to become strong and fight for my rights if I am being oppressed, but they also shaped me to be kind to others. The community also have a role in shaping values of children and adolescents. My community shaped me to be more accepting and open-minded. Being exposed to various cultures and different races, I know that we can all live together in harmony, share our resources and look out for one another. I am now more understanding of the plight of others and not just my own and I try to help them as much as I can, just like my parents do.

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